Top Landscaping Trends to Watch

Top Landscaping Trends to Watch

Thinking about your next backyard project? Just like interior decorating, landscaping trends change with the seasons. Updating your exterior keeps up your curb appeal and is a great excuse to replenish topsoil, refresh lighting and upgrade from that old hose sprinkler. At Sprinkler Doctors, we like to keep up with the trends to help find new ways to get you great sprinklers for less. Here are a few of our favorite new trends.

Comfort Reigns Supreme

Kick back, relax and look for ways to make your outdoor life easier. Comfort is king in backyard design this year. Choose cool color palates with full, lush foliage instead of brash color. Cozy up to a fire pit with plenty of comfortable seating. Minimal pruning and modern-style plant groupings keep maintenance to a minimum. Build a beautiful space you can spend time in instead of slaving over.

sprinklers for lessAutomate the Outdoors

Home automation is taking a step outdoors. From grills to fire pits, connecting your outdoor gadgets to your smartphone is the latest way to keep up with the Joneses. In the yard, the newest smart device is the BlueTooth-controlled sprinkler system. You can control your timer, water adjustments and even view maintenance needs from a sprinkler app.

Minimizing Lawn Space

Turf grass lawns are forever popular, but the high maintenance isn’t for everyone. Many homeowners are choosing alternative plantings, seating areas and elaborate gardens instead. Cutting back on lawn space is better for your wallet, too. Turf grass is water-hungry and expensive even in climates milder than Phoenix. When you minimize the amount of lawn you have, you need sprinklers for less space and reduce your water load.

Rainwater Gardening

Rainwater collection isn’t a new idea, but showing off your rain irrigation systems is. Above-ground rain barrels, rain gardens and turning rainwater collection channels into a decorative feature are in. In Phoenix, the best rain water system is often a combination of channels with below-ground cisterns that store water from monsoon season. An irrigation expert can tell you more.

Incredible Edibles

Used as an alternative to turf or traditional planting beds, the vegetable garden is taking center stage. Edible gardens designed as aesthetic showpieces instead of “just a vegetable garden” add interest to your landscaping and fresh veggies to your meals. If you want to add edibles to your design, ditch the garden hose and opt for drip irrigation. Drip systems allow for precise water applications and help you get the best yield from your plants.

Going Up?

Even small homes are kicking up their gardening game. Vertical gardening is taking off from green walls to green roofs. Green walls are surprisingly easy to make from scratch, but plenty of kits are available. They have a soft but modern look and are easy to care for. Green roofs take some serious installation, but you can reap serious rewards. They absorb heat, can help filter rainwater for irrigation systems and filter pounds of CO2 every year.

Uniform Is Out, “Mixed” Is In

From mix-and-match hardscape materials to relaxed plantings, casual landscaping is in. Don’t be afraid to put an iron gate on a wooden fence or a stone path along wooden edging. Let your plants fill out instead of pruning them into manicured shapes, and have fun with your plant pairings. Just don’t forget to calibrate your irrigation systems for your new plants. Smart zoning can reduce the size of the system you need and get you sprinklers for less.

New Turf Grasses are Coming Soon

Fescue, zoysa, St. Augustine and other familiar grass types will have to move over. According to the National Association of Landscape Professionals, “smart” lawns are coming to the South. These selectively bred grasses will be able to stand up to drought and tough sun while giving you the great looks you need.


It’s all about the birds and the bees. Attracting wildlife, especially pollinators like bees and butterflies, while reducing irrigation needs is the goal of more and more homeowners. Native plantings are the way to go. New cultivars take the best maintenance aspects of local species and play up their good looks for gorgeous landscapes.

Low-Maintenance Water Features

Want that lovely waterfall sound without all the pond management? Pondless waterfalls, water walls and other self-contained systems are making their way into contemporary landscape design. Keep them near your seating areas so that you can enjoy the sound and sparkle of the water while you spend time with your family.

Finding Sprinklers for Less

Overhauling your landscaping can mean new handscaping, mulch, lights and sprinklers. To save some cash on your backyard renovation, make sure you’re getting the best prices on irrigation kits and installation. Sprinkler Doctors offers excellent deals on new watering systems and repair. Schedule an estimate today and start planning your ideal sprinkler system.

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