Taking Care of Your Sprinkler System in a Drought

Taking Care of Your Sprinkler System in a Drought

Arizona is a great place to live. There are not a lot of places in the U.S. where one can golf wearing shorts in February. The absence of hurricanes, tornadoes and blizzards is certainly nice. Damaging earthquakes are few and far between.
arizona sunThat does not mean that there are no problems or difficulties associated with the Valley of the Sun. It is worth noting that the greatest population growth started after home air conditioning became more available. And, of course, there is the oldest cause of conflict in the old and the new west: water. That is why sprinkler system repair is such an import service.
With as many sunny days as we get in the Phoenix area, not a lot of rain falls. Arizona just happens to be the fourth driest state in the U.S., and yet like all the dry western state, water use is higher than in the rest of the country (Arizona uses 140 gallons per capita each day, compared to 69 gallons in Ohio – but then, in Ohio they don’t have to water their alfalfa fields).

We don’t know what the future will bring in terms of climate change – but we do know that the west is experiencing serious drought conditions. Doesn’t it make good sense that we should be working to conserve water? After all, with Lake Mead at its lowest point since Hoover Dam was built, and with Lake Powell only half full, where else are we going to get more water? The Colorado River has to supply water for 40 million people in seven states.

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One of the best ways you can conserve water is by having a top-of-the-line sprinkler system and to keep it maintained in top condition. Your good friends at Sprinkler Doctors are experts in sprinkler system repair. Locally owned, they get the job done quickly and get it done right.
They also take care of more than just your lawn, installing systems customized to water shrubs, planting beds and those tomatoes that taste so much better picked fresh of the vine than from the store.
For installation, for emergency sprinkler system repair or seasonal maintenance, Sprinkler Doctors is your best choice for taking care of your home, your castle, and what surrounds it.

For the best in Phoenix area sprinkler repair, Sprinkler Doctors is the company to call.

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