Sprinkler Doctors offers certified and insured home irrigation system design, repair and maintenance at competitive prices. Our educated system planners and highly trained work crews can tackle any irrigation challenge.

We promise you:

  • Fast service
  • Efficient systems
  • Quality work every time

Irrigation System Repairs

Sprinkler problems are a dreaded, messy situation. No matter what the type or age of your system is, we can set things right.

Services include:repairing sprinkler head

  • Priority scheduling
  • Fast, guaranteed service
  • Competitive pricing
  • Fixing broken sprinkler heads
  • Repairing broken water lines with as little excavation as possible
  • Timer repair
  • Troubleshooting via phone or e-mail for small issues

Irrigation System Maintenance

While automatic sprinkler systems require very little maintenance, we can take care of all the little things for you. Seasonal maintenance protects your investment and keeps your lawn healthy.

Services include:

  • Backflow inspection
  • Unclogging sprinkler heads
  • Spray pattern evaluation
  • Evaluation of zones to ensure that water settings are correct
  • Seasonal timer and flow adjustments to preserve system efficiency
  • Pressurization and cross connection checks

Irrigation System Installation

Automated systems can save you a lot of time, money and hassle when it comes to watering your lawn. They use less water and do all of the work for you.

sprinkler installationServices include:

  • Sprinklers, bubblers and drip irrigation
  • Top-quality materials
  • Water-efficient, cost-effective system design
  • Systems for lawns, gardens and landscaping
  • Careful installation with minimal disruption to existing landscaping
  • Designs that fit your needs

A well-designed irrigation system ensures healthy lawns and landscaping. Contact us today at (480) 292-1773.