Saving Water the Trendy Way: Alternatives to Grass Lawns

Saving Water the Trendy Way: Alternatives to Grass Lawns

phoenix sprinkler installationGrass lawns are tough to maintain in Phoenix. They soak up gallons of water and need careful monitoring to ensure they’re getting what they need. If you’re tired of the maintenance demands, it could be time to ditch the grass. Savvy homeowners in Phoenix know that sprinkler installation and smart lawn alternatives can lower your water bills without sacrificing style.

The Upscale Look

Perfect grass may look luxurious, but flawless landscaping can take your breath away. Treat your lawn like a clean slate and plan out beautiful planting beds, sprawling patios and winding walkways that will amp up your curb appeal and breathe new life into your home’s exterior.

Choose ornamental bushes and trees with low water demands and perennial plantings to minimize maintenance. Choosing a theme will keep things cohesive. The right plantings will tailor a luxury garden to any taste, from country cottage to estate chic.

The Meadow Look

If your lawn doesn’t see a lot of foot traffic, a curated meadow will give you an ocean of green without the fussy maintenance. Drought-tolerant groundcovers like thyme, creepy jenny and clover will fill out your lawn rapidly. If you like the look of grass, ornamental grasses like sedge, lily turf and mondo will fit the bill.

Establishing a healthy, low-water meadow in Phoenix means getting sprinkler installation ideal for your new plantings. A sprinkler specialist can help you decide on an ideal setup.

The Prairie Look

For minimal water use, it doesn’t get better than xeriscaping. Xeriscaping combines rock gardens with low-water plantings for a unique, Phoenix-friendly garden. It doesn’t have to look like a desert. Native plantings, succulents and even meadow flowers can add an abundance of color and texture.

Creative hardscaping can be used to make artificial stream beds, “rock formations” or manicured looks depending on your taste. Focal points are especially important in rock gardens, so consider features like seating areas, fire pits or even a copse of low-water trees to draw the eye.

The Zen Look

Homeowners that love modern design can take full advantage of Zen inspiration. Minimalist in both design and maintenance, these gardens utilize spotlight plantings, stone and hardscaping for a striking presentation. The traditional Zen garden features a swath of sand or gravel, but don’t feel limited. Not all Zen gardens are barren or even Asian-inspired.

Planting many of a similar species can look manicured while providing plenty of green. Contemporary design inspirations use more sharp lines and concrete to create the same simple serenity as the classic Asian garden. Materials play a big role in mood. Wood and loose stone will look more natural while concrete and shiny materials will look more modern.

The Entertaining Area

Who says plantings have to be the focus of your yard? Minimize your plantings beds and replace your grass with decking, pavers or gravel. Hardscape features, like fire pits, walled planting beds and sunken seating areas, will break up the space and add character. You could even invest in an outdoor kitchen.

Small lawns are excellent candidates for the entertainment look, but large yards provide a unique opportunity. You can combine a big entertainment space with a conservative strip of grass for kids and pets or a vegetable garden. You’ll maximize your space without needing to obsess over maintenance.

The Edible Garden

Instead of working hard to maintain your yard, make your yard work for you. Vegetable gardens look picturesque and reward you with delicious, fresh-from-the-garden produce. Raised beds connected by hardscape walkways and framed by ornamental plantings looks spectacular even in the front yard. Add a seating area, arbor or play up your front porch to serve as a focal point.

Vegetable beds do need to be watered regularly, but deeper roots, mulch and drought-tolerant vegetable varieties can make even the thirstiest plants less demanding than turf grass. A Phoenix sprinkler installation professional can install drip lines that let you ensure the perfect amount of water reaches each plant type.

The Fake-Out Look

There’s only one way to keep the exact look and function of grass without the maintenance. Artificial turf is an excellent solution for families with pets and kids. The only water you need is what you use to periodically rinse your “turf.” Today’s options utilize color variation, natural-looking materials and even faux thatch for real-deal looks. You can even make our own, permanently perfect putting green.

Artificial turf looks best when paired with planting beds, bushes, trees and hardscaping that help it blend in. It’s often worth it to spring for whole-yard landscaping along with your new lawn.

Smart irrigation is important for maintaining your new landscaping with the least amount of water. For specialty projects like this, Sprinkler Doctors is the idea Phoenix sprinkler installation specialist to call. Contact us today to discuss options and schedule an estimate.

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