Help! Why Is My Lawn So Patchy?

Help! Why Is My Lawn So Patchy?

Patchy lawns are a frustrating, embarrassing eyesore that can be difficult to wrangle with. It can seem like no matter what you do, your grass won’t fill in or stay green. Sprinkler Doctors is here to help diagnose your patchy problem and recommend a cure. Whether your soil needs some TLC or a sprinkler system installation is indicated to help with those Phoenix lawn pests, we’ll help you fix things up.

Your Soil Needs Work

Poor nutrient levels and compacted soil are the first things to check when you’re dealing with a patchy lawn. Aeration is particularly important if your lawn sees heavy foot traffic, yet most people brush it off or forget about it. Your grass’s roots need room to breathe, stretch out and soak up nutrients in order to stay full and green. Annual aeration is recommended for all lawns, and twice yearly is recommended for heavily trafficked lawns.

Nutrient levels are also important to keep up with. Using the same fertilizer year after year can deprive your lawn of key nutrients like calcium or neglect soil pH. Regular soil testing will help you stay on top of nutrient and pH levels. If one or two areas of your lawn is consistently brown, it’s possible they have different soil conditions than the rest of your lawn. Take samples straight from the problem spots and test them on their own.

Your Sprinkler Zones Need Adjustmentsprinkler system installation phoenix

If you’ve already had sprinkler system installation done for your Phoenix home, pay close attention to the watering pattern. Any spot where the spray overlaps and drenches your grass or gaps and water-starves your grass creates the potential for patching. Sprays that hit your home’s siding, driveway or sidewalks are also a key sign of poor sprinkler head adjustment. Even if you adjusted your sprinkler heads last year, mowing and foot traffic often knock them out of place.

Have a trusted irrigation company come out and perform an adjustment for you. Professionals will be able to adjust your sprinkler heads quickly and maximize your system’s efficiency. They’ll also be able to spot problems like leaky or broken sprinkler heads that could be compounding your lawn’s damage. You can schedule a one-time fix or routine maintenance to keep your system running in tip-top shape year round.

You’ve Got Grubs

Scarab beetles aren’t just for Egyptian myths. Many of Arizona’s beetle species fall in the scarab family. While scarabs are beautiful and harmless as adults, their babies can be problematic. Scarab beetle lay their eggs in damp soil, and those eggs hatch into white grubs that feed on the roots of turf grass. The result are rings of brown, withering grass with no obvious cause. Inspecting the underside of your grass can reveal the culprits.

Grub eggs hatch prolifically in damp soil. If you water your lawn every day, you’re creating the perfect incubator. Deep, weekly watering is best for deterring grubs and other unwelcome visitors. Instead of trying to remember when to water, getting automated sprinkler system installation a must for Phoenix homeowners that want to set it and forget it.

You Have Brown Patch

Think lawn fungus wouldn’t be a problem here Arizona? Think again. Brown patch is a nasty fungus that loves to feast on Bermuda grass. It spreads in great brown blotches that start small but can take over enormous area if left untreated. You can spot it by the grayish or dark brown tinge to the leading edge of the patches.

Brown patch is most common in lawns that get too much nitrogen fertilizer, are overwatered, are watered at night and are mowed too low. It can usually be treated without the need for fungicides. Simply back off your watering schedule and switch to morning waterings. Set your mower height a little higher, and cut back on the amount of fast-release nitrogen you use on your lawn.

There’s a Rock Under There

Sometimes, the answer is lurking right under the surface. Large rocks are a surprisingly common cause of bald spots in lawns, especially if the top soil isn’t deep enough. Stick a metal skewer or screw driver into the soil. If you hit something hard, break out a trowel and start digging.

Finding Trustworthy Sprinkler System Installation in Phoenix

If you have an irrigation problem, finding someone who can reliably repair and install the right irrigation system for you can be a recipe for a fuller, healthier lawn. Sprinkler Doctors is a full service sprinkler installation and repair company that understands the needs of Phoenix area homeowners. From existing systems to custom, multi-part designs, we can help you get the perfect amount of water to every area of your lawn without wasting a drop.

For more information, give us a call today or contact us using our easy web form.

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