When Good Irrigation Goes Bad: What Breaks and How We Fix It

When Good Irrigation Goes Bad: What Breaks and How We Fix It

Even the highest quality irrigation systems will eventually succumb to wear and tear. When something breaks, you’ll need a service for irrigation repair in Phoenix that can find and address the problem promptly. Here are just a few of the common issues we can identify and fix with our fast, guaranteed service.

Broken Sprinkler Heads

Fixing a broken sprinkler or bubbler seems like something you should be able to do yourself, but the reality can be a little more complicated. Right off the bat, sprinkler heads that are just dribbling or suddenly not spraying may not be broken. They could just be clogged, and fixing a clog is less expensive than replacement.

If the head is broken, the connection point needs to be inspected for further damage that could cause leaks or break the new head. Finding replacement heads is also not always easy. You have to make sure you find a compatible head with the same flow rate and adjust it properly once it’s installed. Companies like us that specialize in irrigation repair in Phoenix have access to suppliers that make it easier to find the right replacement parts and the years to experience to adjust it properly.

Broken Water Linesirrigation repair phoenix

Pressure problems bursting lines, wear-and-tear or accidental punctures are the usual culprits of broken water lines. The breaks often announce themselves as floods, and rapid response is necessary to fix the problem.

You can get us on the phone immediately to help you locate shut offs and stop flooding, when possible. When we arrive on-scene, we’ll do minimal excavation to find the source of the problem and thoroughly examine the area. Line breaks can often travel through multiple components. What looks like a break in a pipe could have started as a crack in a coupler or valve. We’ll identify the exact replacement parts we need and complete a prompt repair with as little damage to your landscaping as possible.

Timer Repair

You rely on your irrigation timer to keep your system running smoothly. For such a small piece of equipment, timer breakdowns can be a major nuisance. If you aren’t comfortable with electrical wiring or don’t understand what makes your timer tick, it’s always best to leave replacement to the pros.

Timer breakdowns could be either a circuit, transformer, fuse or even a motor on certain systems. When a circuit goes, the whole unit needs to be replaced. For all other components, the individual component may be able to be replaced. It’ll save you a bundle and the hassle of learning the ins and outs of a new timer.

Irrigation Backflow Testing and Repair

Backflow systems are an essential and often times legal requirement of irrigation systems. When your irrigation system is fed by a drinking water supply, the backflow system prevents “used” water in the irrigation lines from washing back into the drinking water flow. It’s a crucial safety feature that keeps soil additives, pesticides and other contaminants out of drinking water.

Backflow systems should be checked regularly to ensure no contaminated water is entering the drinking water system near your house, and repairs should be made at the first sign of an issue. Water leaks between connection points and valves are a common complaint. There are multiple system types, and some systems can be quite complicated with multiple components and vacuum sealing technologies. We can ensure your potable and nonpotable water remain separated and your sprinkler system runs without leaks.

Preventing Damage

While no one can escape a repair every now and again, there are plenty of things you can do to make sure problems are few and far between.

  • Scheduled maintenance: Having minor adjustments, cleanings and tiny repairs done a few times a year can help prevent the major, expensive problems from forming.
  • Proper Working Order: Little details like making sure your sprinkler heads sit low enough to not be kicked by passersby can make a big difference in repair needs. Fix any little problems you know about before they can balloon.
  • Don’t Mix Brands Unless You Have To: If you’re planning to install a new leg of irrigation line, try to stick to the same brand and type of irrigation. It can prevent mix ups, ill fits between fixtures and others concerns that lead to problems down the road.
  • Troubleshoot: If you think you spot a problem, don’t hesitate to look for a company that provides a troubleshooting help line for irrigation repair in Phoenix. You’ll be able to see whether your concern has merit in a matter of minutes instead of putting it off until you find out the hard way.

Irrigation systems are complicated, but we know what it takes to set them right. If you need irrigation repair in the Phoenix area, contact us today.

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